Enjoying Winter activities in Japan

Enjoying Winter activities in Japan

Winter is a magical time to be in Japan; being some of the drier months of the year, the sky is often clear of clouds and the ground crisp with snow in the more mountainous regions. The hand-picked rural destinations in our tours are the perfect holiday retreats for staying active in snowy weather.

Travel off-the-beaten track and experience snowshoeing through ancient forests and historical post towns; explore the vast wilderness of Northern Hokkaido, or traverse the Japanese Alps to observe snow monkeys relaxing in Japan’s famous thermal hot springs.

Finally, retire for the evening at a traditional Japanese inn and indulge in beautifully prepared meals, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, warm in your yukata after your own dip in the inn’s hot spring waters. We have combined all of our expertise to create tours that offer a great balance between outdoor activities and cozy indoor relaxation. Choose between a guided or a self-guided departure, button up your coat, and get ready for winter.

Fully Tailored Itineraries:

We can also arrange tours to suit your dates or even put together a trip customised to your needs, with or without an element of walking or winter activities.


Hokkaido Winter 7 days: Lake Akan to Shiretoko

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Level: Moderate

Self-guided Eastern Hokkaido's winter landscapes and wildlife