A culinary journey to the heart and soul of Japanese culture

Delicious Japan food tour

Washoku (和食/Japanese cuisine) was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013, making Japanese cuisine one of the first food cultures to receive this honour. The intricacy of its dishes certainly confirms that in Japan, food is art, and it takes chefs years to master the basic recipes they must then adapt to the season, so as to ensure freshness and quality.

Our small-group guided culinary tour of Japan explores not only the cuisine that the world has already adopted into its regular diet, but also goes deeper into the heart and soul of the countryside through taste testing and workshops.

In Japan, food is the best way to engage with the regional culture, the daily life of Japanese communities, and their individual inhabitants. Join us on a food tour of Japan and visit some of Japan’s prime culinary locations to experience the versatility of washoku and how it has shaped  local traditions; from foraging for wild ingredients, to cooking lessons with the townsfolk of where you’re staying, this culinary adventure reveals how food is one of the most intimate ways to uncover Japan’s history and culture.


Japan's Culinary Heritage

  • Duration: 11 days
  • Level: Moderate

Regional cuisine, the heart and soul of Japanese culture

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