Discover the profound, mysterious, and undisclosed "OKU" Japan

Japan has countless beautiful wonders. Join us as we introduce you to charming rural communities, incredible nature, and deep cultural experiences that will enrich your travels.
Nara's Daibutusu

Self-guided cycling on Japan's scenic Noto Peninsula

As the first tour operator to empower guests to cycle the Noto Peninsula self-guided, we want to offer travelers a cycling exploration through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled scenery of the Noto Peninsula on the Japan.

Oku Japan's involvement on the Kumano Kodo

Opening our Chikatsuyu branch on the Kumano Kodo has helped us to create long-lasting bonds with the community and ensure that we are truly involved.

A day on an Oku Japan tour

With Oku Japan's Guided Tours, you join as travellers and leave as friends, discovering facets of Japan you never knew existed.
Boatride on the Kumanogawa River

Summer in Japan

The gentle rhythm of wind chimes on a sunny day, beautiful green forests, enchanting water-lotus flowers, summer festivals, gorgeous summer kimono outfits… There are so many things to love about the warmer months in Japan.
Woman smiling and preparing a meal

Family-stay in Asuka

Asuka is an ideal location to experience the rural lifestyle of the Japanese countryside.
Two pilgrims sitting together

Temples and Trails of Shikoku

Shikoku is home to one of the world's best known pilgrimage routes - the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage trail, with a history that stretches back 1200 years.
Yamabushi monk blowing horagai conch shell

Yamabushi Ascetic Monk

In this video, we interviewed Ueno-San, a Yamabushi ascetic monk, who explains what it really means to be a Yamabushi.
Local man discussing seasonal vegetables

Sansai - Mountain vegetables

"There are various reasons we eat. Of course one is to feed an empty stomach so that we can live another day. But there's also another reason, which is to nourish our heart." - Chef Hisao Nakahigashi
A cook explaining the importance of dashi

Dashi - at the heart of Japanese cooking

Chef Araki Shigeo, from Uosaburo restaurant, talking about Dashi, a key flavoring agent in Japanese cuisine.

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