Kyushu Island


Kyushu is the third largest of the islands that comprise the Japanese archipelago and is easily accessible via boat, plane or train. The island itself is popular for its temperate climate as it maintains a few additional degrees of warmth compared to other parts of mainland Japan. It also offers an equally vast array of scenery ranging from built up cityscapes to luxuriant hot-spring resorts, rich with greenery. The hub of most transportation on to and off of the island is the city of Fukuoka, which sits towards the north. Within Fukuoka sits one of the most compact districts in the world, Hakata, hosting an international airport, train stations and a port, all packed into a small 2.5-kilometer radius. Whether a city dweller, adventure traveller, hot-spring enthusiast or even simply a lover of Japanese anime, Kyushu serves as an idyllic destination for any repeat traveller to Japan searching for something new.

Highlights of Kyushu Island

Travelling slightly west from the entry hub of Fukuoka will take visitors to the historically iconic landmark of Nagasaki, which played a major role in foreign trade with the rest of the world. Then, following the curve of the island back to the east sits Oita prefecture and one of Japan’s most well-known hot spring resorts, Beppu, with its affectionately named 'Hells' collection of hot-springs. And those searching away from the built up areas don’t have to look too far, with Mount Aso sitting steadfast in the island’s centre and Yakushima floating nearby the island's southern coast.


Land of Fire Kyushu

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Volcanic wonders of Kyushu

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