The Kanto Region


Both the historical center of feudal power and later the birthplace of modern Japan, the Kanto region has adapted to Japan’s wider development in the same way the waves have shaped Tokyo Bay.  This eastern area of Japan’s main island, Honshu, is home to the most extensive lowland in all of Japan, making it the most populated and productive region of the country. The metropolitan capital of Tokyo is nestled near the bay with its suburbs stretching into the nearby prefectures of Saitama to Chiba, and while the city itself has a vast array of unmissable sights, Tokyoites often travel to the nearby hills and greenery for a fresh breath of air - made easy by the vast range of transportation available that will take you in and around the region. Kanto itself has four distinct seasons with hot summers and snowy winters, making it an ever changing landscape that is interesting to visit at any time of year.

Highlights of The Kanto Region

With the highest commuter count and one third of Japan’s population nestled in the never-sleeping metropolis, the heart of modern Japan surely resides in Tokyo. Supporting the massive population of Tokyo is Saitama to the north, Chiba to the east, and Kanagawa to the south, driving a convenient and comprehensive transit system that makes it easy for commuters and travellers alike to explore the region.


Nikko and Self-guided Walking in Yumoto Onsen

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Level: Moderate

Explore historic Nikko and hike in the beautiful Oku Nikko plains around Yumoto Onsen

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