The island of Hokkaido, formerly known as Ezo, is not only Japan's second largest and most northern prefecture, but also its largest wild frontier. Home to sprawling national parks, Hokkaido’s abundant nature and unique wildlife make it a special region of Japan unlike any other. Pockets of untouched scenery can be found in many regions of the island with some of the most famous being the pristine Lake Akan, the remote Shiretoko Peninsula, and Kushiro National Park, to name a few. Among these, Hokkaido has only a few cities with some of the largest being Sapporo and Hakodate, with both being on the south-west side of the island. Travel to Hokkaido is most commonly made by air through Chitose Airport near to Sapporo, or by under sea railway to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station and these feats of engineering allow for travel between Tokyo and Hokkaido in just four hours.

Highlights of Hokkaido

Hokkaido’s wildlands attract adventurers undertaking activities such as hiking, canoeing, cycling and a variety of winter sports. Being Japan’s coolest region, it’s climate can be a mild escape from the hot and humid summers of the mainland, and makes it the perfect destination for an outdoor adventure.


Hokkaido Winter 7 days: Lake Akan to Shiretoko

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Level: Moderate

Self-guided Eastern Hokkaido's winter landscapes and wildlife

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Wild Lands of Eastern Hokkaido

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Level: Active

Japan's rugged and remote wilderness

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