Central Japan


Central Japan is the widest part of ‘Honshu’, the main Island of Japan. The area features the vast Japanese Alps, which contain some of  the highest mountains in all of Japan and separates the region into a North and South side with different climates. The Pacific Ocean brings a soft breeze and sunny winters while the Sea of Japan brings a cooler climate and snowy winters. Mt. Fuji, the icon of Japan, towers over the Pacific Ocean side that stretches from the corner of the Kanto region to the city of Nagoya near Kanto.

Crossing through Central Japan is the ancient Nakasendo trail, the old mountainous route between Kyoto and ‘Edo’ (now Tokyo). Connecting small Juku villages, such as Tsumago, Magome and Narai to the larger towns in the area, such as Matsumoto and Kanazawa. The region is rich with unique areas such as the Noto Peninsula and Kamikochi, popular with more adventurous travelers who like exploring the vast wilderness of Japan.

Highlights of Central Japan

Follow in the footsteps of Samurai who fought major battles here during the Sengoku (feudal) era of Japan. Central Japan has always been a key to victory for dominance over Japan because of its strategic value, located between Kyoto and Edo (old Tokyo). Many famous warlords were born here as was the culture associated with them, giving the region a rich history dating back hundreds of years.


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