Wild Lands of Eastern Hokkaido

Oku Japan is proud to announce its first tour visiting Hokkaido, exploring the vast wilderness of the Japan’s northernmost island and featuring destinations not found on other itineraries. On this new tour, Oku Japan invites guests to see a Hokkaido unreachable for most and truly off-the-beaten-track.

On this 9-day small group guided adventure, guests travel from Kushiro on Hokkaido’s eastern Pacific coast to the Shiretoko Peninsula stretching out into the Sea of Okhotsk. Throughout the tour they will see untouched nature, visit UNESCO wetland nature reserves, experience spectacular landscapes formed by volcanoes, and enjoy flora and fauna special to Hokkaido. This tour features relaxing Onsen hot springs after each day’s walk and wonderful regional cuisine known to be some of the freshest in Japan, along with the opportunity to learn the history of Hokkaido’s indigenous peoples, the Ainu.

Sustainability is core to Oku Japan’s beliefs, and this tour aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to encourage visitation to more remote and rural areas that remain unknown on the international stage, battling against overtourism and supporting locally-owned businesses.

Learn more about the Wild Lands of Eastern Hokkaido here: https://www.okujapan.com/trips/wild-lands-of-eastern-hokkaido

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