Oku Japan's first self-guided winter tours

We are excited to announce that we have two new self-guided tours, our first winter offerings for self-guided travel. Each tour features incredible Onsen hot springs, delicious local cuisine, and delightful snowshoe walking, as well as unique elements to set them apart from each other.


On Japan Alps Winter 6 days: Nagano and Gifu, guests will visit the Japan Alps where they can view the breathtaking peaks dwarfing the surrounding landscape of the region. Visiting the famed Matsumoto Castle, immersing oneself in the traditional history and architecture, and enjoying a local cooking experience are all highlights on this adventure that is suitable for all ages. We are happy to add a visit to see the lively snow monkeys of Yudanaka Onsen as well!


With our second new tour, Hokkaido Winter 7 days: Lake Akan to Shiretoko, guests explore all Eastern Hokkaido has to offer during the winter months. This is a unique time of year, as an array of wildlife may be visible. From Ezo red foxes and Sika deer to various migratory birds such as the famed red-crowned crane, Hokkaido is incredible to experience in this chilly season. This tour also features a drift ice walking experience in mid-winter, and pristine nature unlike what can be found in the rest of the country.


We are elated to add these tours to our offerings and welcome any questions.

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