Noto Peninsula self-guided cycling tours

At Oku Japan, we just extended our portfolio, offering our very first self-guided cycling adventure. With this new tour, we want to offer travellers a cycling exploration through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled scenery of the Noto Peninsula, on the Japan Sea coast. 

Riding from peaceful mountain roads to breathtaking costal trails, travellers will cycle through a plethora of wonderful landscapes, enjoying the abundant nature and some of Japan’s finest seafood. At night, our guests will bathe in delightful Onsen hot-springs at traditional Japanese inns, which is the perfect way to end a riding-day!

With this self-guided cycling adventure, travellers will learn about local community lifestyles in Japan: meeting local people, staying at lovely family-run inns and sampling the local cuisine. We offer 5 day, 6 day and 7 day versions of our Noto Peninsula self-guided cycling tour.


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