Nara Ancient Capitals self-guided walking tour

We are excited to announce the launch of our new self-guided walking tour ‘Ancient Capitals’.

With this tour, we want to show travellers the historic Kansai area through its lesser-known walking routes. This region, situated at the centre of Japan's main island of Honshu, is home to three historic capitals: Kyoto, Nara and the smaller, lesser-known Asuka. This 5-day self-guided exploration features scenic and culturally significant hiking trails in the region.

Asuka is an ideal location to experience the rural lifestyle of the Japanese countryside. In this peaceful agricultural community, our guests stay overnight in a charming Japanese guesthouse or can stay with a local family for an immersive farm-stay experience. This family-stay allows travellers an in-depth experience of the local Japanese lifestyle. 


Established in 710 and first known as Heijo, Nara is abundant in cultural heritage, with many historic treasures and easy access to wonderful nature. In Japan’s first permanent capital, our guests will meet the friendly deer of Nara Park and can undertake the historic Yagyu Kaido hike, following in the footsteps of warriors who took this route to the sword-making village of Yagyu. At night, you stay in a Ryokan (Travellers Inn) or can opt instead to stay in an authentically-restored Machiya townhouse.

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